Complement Your Tux-Wearing Toddler With These Accessories

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Complement Your Tux-Wearing Toddler With These Accessories

22 March 2019
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Dressing your toddler can be a fun exercise on a daily basis, and this is especially true when you're gearing up for a special occasion. If you're taking your young son to his first wedding, one of the best garment choices that you can make is to get the child a toddler tuxedo. These garments come in a variety of styles, from onesies that are patterned to look like a tuxedo to a legitimate small-sized tuxedo suitable for a child to wear. Once you've chosen the toddler tuxedo for sale that your little one will wear to the wedding, it can be fun to select some accessories to go with it. Here are some suggestions.

Top Hat

When your toddler is clad in a tuxedo at the wedding you're attending, you can expect that a lot of guests will flock to see and acknowledge his dapper appearance. When you add a top hat to the ensemble, your child will look even cuter. It's possible to buy toddler-sized top hats from a number of children's clothing stores, as well as online, and this accessory can definitely augment your child's appearance. You know your child best, and if you believe that he'll keep the top hat on his head — at least long enough for some photos — this can be a fun look.


A toddler-sized cane is another worthwhile formalwear accessory that you might want to get your child. It's ideal because it will give your child something to hold and play with, and while you might occasionally need to relieve your child from the cane if he is getting a little rambunctious, this can still be a fun look. This accessory is best if your toddler is of the age that he can stand and walk; there's little value in outfitting a child with a cane if you need to carry him or her a stroller.

Pocket Watch

If you really want to go all-out with choosing formalwear accessories that will complement your child's tuxedo, find toy pocket watch at a costume store. Obviously, your child can't tell time, but this accessory can go a long way toward augmenting his outfit. You can tuck the pocket watch in the front pocket of the child's vest and run the chain to one of the button holes on the vest. Depending on how active your son's hands are, you may want to hang onto this accessory and only put it in place before the photos.