Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Wardrobe

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Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Wardrobe

25 June 2019
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According to Credit Donkey, the average consumer spends around $161 a month on clothing. You may want to update your wardrobe to look more professional at work or turn heads while you're out with your friends, but you don't have a small fortune to spend. Luckily, there are several cost-effective ways you can revamp your style without breaking your budget.

Here are a few inexpensive ways you can update and upgrade your wardrobe.

Check Out Your Own Closet First

Before you step foot in your favorite store, take a look inside your own closet to determine what you need and what pieces you already have. For example, if you work in a professional environment, take stock of all your work-appropriate clothing. Dig through your closet and dresser before you spend money on a new bathing suit or an outfit for date night.

Put pieces aside that still fit and that you feel confident in. Place other clothing that doesn't fit you or doesn't go with your current style in another pile. Sell the clothing you don't want anymore and put the proceeds towards your new wardrobe.

Create a list of items that you need for work or nights out and pieces that you would like to own but that you can live without. This will give you an idea of where to shop and is a great place to start a preliminary budget.

Spend Your Money on Quality Basics and Timeless Pieces

Shopping for new clothing can be overwhelming, so the best way to keep it simple is to divide clothes into two separate categories: core basics and trendy items. Core basics are pieces that never go out of style and you can wear for years to come. This includes a classic pair of jeans, a plain colored t-shirt, khaki or black trousers, a trench coat, and a pair of sneakers.

For men, spend some money on a sport coat and a polo shirt. Women can't go wrong with purchasing a pea coat and a little black dress. When the pieces do tear, or you lose a button, contact a tailor or dry-cleaning company to have the clothing repaired.

Spending more money on quality staples will save you money in the long run.

Watch for Sales and Search for Coupons

Most stores have big sales during certain times of the year, such as before big holidays and at the end of each season. Head to your favorite stores at these times and stock up for the following season. For example, purchase a couple of discount swimsuits and some basic shorts at the end-of-summer sales during the early autumn.

Keep an eye out for your coupons, promotions, and loyalty cards. Some stores will provide you a discount after spending a certain amount of money.

Avoid purchasing trendy pieces during these end-of-season or holiday sales, even if they are deeply discounted. Even though the pieces catch your eye and are inexpensive now, that doesn't mean you will feel the same about your purchase when you pull it out the next season.

Organize Your Closet and Dresser

Finally, the cheapest way to keep your wardrobe updated is to organize your closet and dresser drawers. Divide your clothing into different categories, such as work, casual, date night, and night out with your friends. Organize your basics in different drawers. Put your shoes and other accessories, such as handbags, on easy-to-reach, open shelves. If you are able to easily access your clothes, you will know what you have. This helps you avoid buying duplicate pieces.

From knowing what you already have in your closet to shopping end of the season sales, there are several ways you can have an amazing wardrobe without emptying your bank account.

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